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OctoPets is a collection of 375 NFTs hand-drawn on Binance Smart Chain


About Us

OctoPets is a collection of 375 NFTs hand-drawn on Binance Smart Chain.

Each OctoPet has 4 traits: Type, Skin, Tentacles and Rarity.

All NFTs are different and give some utilities to holders (reflection and much more).



Web3 Dev


1 BNB Giveaway to 3 holders.

Start Community Vault: 3 BNB will be used to stake $BANANA & $CAKE and earnings will be shared to holders.

Add 2 BNB to Community Vault, giveaway 3 OctoPets to holders and start collaborations.

Launch OctoPets 'Private Group' and add 3 BNB to Community Vault.

Start to work at OctoPets Token & Staking Farm, 2 BNB raffle to 4 holders & work on merch.

Our Phases

  • Website Creation (done)
  • Write OctoPets Roadmap (done)
  • Deploy Smart Contract (done)
  • NFTs Migration (done)
  • Launch Giveaways (done)

  • Launch Rarities (done)
  • Launch Public Mint
  • Listing on Marketplaces

  • Create & Increase Community Treasure
  • Start Reflection
  • Start Collaborations with NFT Projects
  • Create 'Holders Private Group'

  • Start Secondary Market
  • 10% of BNB earned from secondary sales will be added to Community Vault
  • Start most important listings
  • Increase the marketing

  • Deploy OctoPets Token
  • Start Token Launchpad
  • Distribute token to NFT holders
  • Launch Staking Farms
  • Launch OctoPets Merch